Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well lets see. I have a new blog for my sketchbook project:

The book will not be finished and the Klimt painting I spoke of in the last post will not be completed. The person the book was for was also the model for the painting, and after a recent turn of events she hates me. I guess that happens. So no more of those. I do have some paintings comin out soon so keep and eye out.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Faery Tale Preview

I am working on a small story/book for Anna Karina. It is called Annabelle and the Demon. It will be in about 5 different parts or so, depending on how I want to finish it. I am currently working on part 1. I have sketched the Cover page and the first page. I am gonna color them with color pencil when I have part 1 finished.

A brief synopsis:
It is about a girl named Annabelle, and she is a right snot. She wishes to be somewhere else, and so this demon named Juxaler comes and makes a deal with her. She has to make it to the top of wooden castle with a locket called the "Orchid of Destiny". If she makes it she can be a princess, but if she fails then the demon gets to eat her soul.

Cover Page:

Page 1:

So those will be getting inked and colored as soon as I finish the other pages. I am glad I took a book binding class in college. It should look awesome, and I have always wanted to make a book of my own faery tale.

Here is a random drawing that I did after that:

I should start prelim drawings and color test for the Klimt recreation as soon as the model sends me the picture. It should look awesome when I am finished. I have been listening to Wagner's Das Rheingold and I must say it is very good drawing and painting music.