Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well lets see. I have a new blog for my sketchbook project:

The book will not be finished and the Klimt painting I spoke of in the last post will not be completed. The person the book was for was also the model for the painting, and after a recent turn of events she hates me. I guess that happens. So no more of those. I do have some paintings comin out soon so keep and eye out.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Faery Tale Preview

I am working on a small story/book for Anna Karina. It is called Annabelle and the Demon. It will be in about 5 different parts or so, depending on how I want to finish it. I am currently working on part 1. I have sketched the Cover page and the first page. I am gonna color them with color pencil when I have part 1 finished.

A brief synopsis:
It is about a girl named Annabelle, and she is a right snot. She wishes to be somewhere else, and so this demon named Juxaler comes and makes a deal with her. She has to make it to the top of wooden castle with a locket called the "Orchid of Destiny". If she makes it she can be a princess, but if she fails then the demon gets to eat her soul.

Cover Page:

Page 1:

So those will be getting inked and colored as soon as I finish the other pages. I am glad I took a book binding class in college. It should look awesome, and I have always wanted to make a book of my own faery tale.

Here is a random drawing that I did after that:

I should start prelim drawings and color test for the Klimt recreation as soon as the model sends me the picture. It should look awesome when I am finished. I have been listening to Wagner's Das Rheingold and I must say it is very good drawing and painting music.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tori's birthday painting

I tried something different to get me out of my funk. I like the way she turned out.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Here is the drawing I did for Finch. I don't know if she hasn't seen it or if she doesn't like it. If its the latter tell me and I will draw you something else.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The tv controls me not my heart

I drew this while drunk for Tori. I haven't been inspired recently. I hope to draw some more soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

And Love Bit you in the throat

I haven't been able to draw anything for two weeks. My brain just hasn't wanted to create stuff. I mean I have had ideas, but just no desire to complete them. Yesterday I had a desire, but I had one little problem. I didn't have the model I needed for my idea. So I asked River, and she said yes in exchange for a painting at a later date. So here are some prelim sketches for it.

The painting is gonna be 10 x 10. It is based on a line from a Blood Brothers' song, "And Love bit you in the throat". It always reminds me of singing ships for some reason so one is gonna be sinking in the background. That sketch of it is very rough. Here is the part of the song that the line is from:

I also played around with something for a possible later painting. It doesn't look like I wanted it too, but I can fix that. I just need to practice a bit more.

For my big painting I am waiting on the model to take the pictures, and then I will start with that. I am really excited for that one, because the idea and the model are both really good. Wait til you see it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Post script and crooked lines

Here's some more art going into letters.

This is what I imagine my loneliness looks like right now, but I could be wrong. Originally I was gonna call it "Rest Well Under Mother's Warm Wings", but now I am gonna call it "Dali's Ecstasy after cast Gala from the Cliff"

Tori then asked me to draw a tea party gone wrong. I couldn't think of anything really except for this. It might just be wrong. Hahah. I can't wait to start my painting. I think it will take my mind off of things.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I wrote a four word letter

Here is a drawing I did that is going in one of the letters I am sending to friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just some stuff I did today


The first one was me playing around with the watercolor. She is very fleshy and Rubeneste. I like her a lot. My watercolors are basically me drawing with water. Everything is very sketchy and multi-directional.

The second one I was playing around with color and the medium. It reminds me of Matisse, but again. I was just playing around. I have no real desire to do anything with watercolor ever, except play around. It seems kind of funny to me that my favorite artist used the two things I like to use the least the most. Ohh Egon, you saucy man, you.

Then I just sketched a little bit in preparation for the sketches for my next painting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Virgin Mary Painting - Virgin Mary is impregnated by God through a ray of light. The corpses around her can symbolize a lot of things including the fact that the Union has cause countless deaths over the centuries. The printing press wheels and gears are to recommend that the whole thing is a well oiled machine. I am pretty happy with the way the rocks turned out.

The next piece is based on the Terrordactyls' song "Facelift". I did it in a traditional portrait style with a solid background. The body is shifted to the left side of the wood, because I wanted to put her there. There is heavy amounts of impasto in her skin and hair. This is the first painting that I have done start to finish in one day.

Here are some sketches:


Body Sketches in preparation for my next painting:

That being said my next painting is going to be the largest one I have ever done. It is also gonna be the first painting that I am doing for myself to keep (I have never kept any of my own paintings.) I am excited about it, and you will probably see tons of prelim sketches and studies here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Here are some sketches from the past week. Some faceless girls for the "Facelift" painting. Some sketches and musings, and of course some torsos.

This is a drawing from a letter for my friend

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fuck it or fight it. Its all the same.

These will be the last sketches I post on here for a while. I am sure you guys are getting sick of them.

Notes on the Facelift painting

There are three people I have trouble getting anywhere near close to drawing their face right. The hardest is the one person I need to know how to draw for the painting I wanna do for my favorite South Carolina girl for here birthday. It is a ways away, but I will not paint it I don't have her face near perfect. I have been drawing her every day for three months. Today's will be the only ones you guys will see, because the other ones are awful. These aren't too much better. Her eyes play games with my head.

Original Idea

Face one

Face Two

Two more weeks and I will figure out where I am going wrong. I just hate the fact that I can't draw certain people.

Random Sketches

I'll post some more when I finish my virgin mary painting. Maybe.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I need someone a person to talk too, Someone who cares and loves, could it be you?

Virgin Mary progress - Printing press wheels, heart, blue and red gown done.

It pisses me off more than anything when I can't draw people.
"Fuck, I can't draw her"
I also erased her like 100 times before I just quit.

Here are some sketches for the next painting I want to do. It is roughly based on this song. Download and listen it is fantastic.
Terrordactyls - Facelift
Here are some prelim sketches. Which mouth do you like? The pen drawings and the pencil drawings have different style mouths.

Mouth 1

Mouth 2

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Studies and face drawings

I am pretty sure I am going out of my mind, but what happens happens. Van Gogh cut off his ear after Gauguin abandoned him for Tahiti. Luckily for me I love no one to give a chopped off ear too.

Here are some studies I did for the skin colors of my Virgin Mary Painting.

Skin Tone 1 - Red Based

Skin Tone 2 - Yellow Based

Skin Tone 3 - Buff Titanium Based


Here are some faces I drew for practice. If one looks like you it maybe, but I draw faces weird so if it doesn't don't be offended.

Face 1

Face 2

Face 3

Last but not least some random body parts
Torsos and Legs