Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Like Music to my Ears

Here are three of the five drawings I am doing for my friends in SC with songs that remind me of them, or have some special relation to the person. I am doing Mario and Work Jill's tomorrow night I have to find the songs for them.

We will start with Jenifer's. She is the person who keeps me sane, and is always there for me when I fuck up. She always believes in me and no matter how much I decay and fall apart. She is my murmer in the middle of the ruins of my life. She helped me get on my feet after the Jessy fiasco, and my current bad life mistake. Her drawing is to the song "Interview at the Ruins" by Circle Takes the Square. It is color pencil and xylene markers.

Lyrics -
Hide the petals underneath that bedroom floorboard and they will wither without fail or success. Put the people in the hollow box they crafted, bolt the doors and watch them perish. Its a cautious descent, so polite and pensive at first. But the only truth is change, have patience (every hundredth year, a single breath and then its over...) Even if only for a minute for a minute its over. Even if only for a minute. So brave in the face of all those roots that ruin, to stand so tall when in fact in ruins. To face that corner of the box and dive in, just the sound alone of its humble breath. A murmur from the ruins echoes softly as the roots undo, and the branch becomes...

Next up is Wesley. I chose this song, because he always listens to complain about how I am gonna die if I don't get out of this shitty state. He also helps take my minds off of my problems and does things that are outlandish like wheatpaste, and sing songs about anarchy with me. I don't know where I would be without Wesley, and his positive attitude. The Song is "We Laugh at Danger, and Break All the Rules" by Against Me! It is pen, pencil, and crayon. This is the first coloring I have done since I gave Jessy the painting I did of Riley.

Lyrics -
it was a birthday gift from a mexican telecaster that from this day on i will play along to all my young pioneers records. and there will be a poetry spoken silently between me and the stereo. i'll work mornings and you can work through the night. mary (as in "the virgin"), there is not hope for us. if this gm van don't make it across the state line we might as well lay down and die. because if florida takes us, we're taking everyone down with us. where we're coming from (yeah) will be the death us. and i cannot help but hold on to a handful of times when what was spoken was a revolution in itself, and what we were doing was the only thing that mattered. and how good it felt to kill the memory of nights spent holding your shirt for the smell. i heard you used to cry when you made love to him, but this band will play on. because all we can do is what we've always done. and on and on...

Finally we have Jillian Summer's. This one is the simpliest of the three, but was the hardest to draw. The reason I chose the song was because it basically describes my inability to tell someone how I feel, and before I can do so I usually fuck up. It happens everytime, and so I basically write off every girl before they have a real chance. I tried not to do it with her, but I failed again. So she gets the song "Pretty Girls" by Against Me! I wish I could tell her how much she means to me, but I already fucked that up, and can only draw old dilapidated phones. That is why I fail at human relationships I guess. I just can't connect. This one is also my favorite. None of my friends here read this, so sorry you guys get the sob story. Pencil and Ink.

Lyrics -
what are you gonna say
when she picks up the phone
should you leave a message
when's she not at home
wanted to know if you'd like
to see a movie or get a drink
it'd be cool just to be in your company
and if she says yes
what might my intentions be
take this to another phase of chemistry
you gotta lie
you have to tell the truth
you have to explain why this could
never be

there are things
that cannot be undone
there are mistakes
that will never be forgiven
sometimes at night
i pray to wake
a different person
in a different place

maybe we could just be friends
i'm being a bit presumptuous
the stomach churns
the mind starts to race
you notice we start to exaggerate
well i just wanna be on your way in
god i wanna be healthy
i don't want this problem
or you wouldn't think
something like irresponsibility
would complicate something like
asking for some company

but there are things
you must accept as said and done
there are truths
you must learn to conform
you can pray all night and day
you'll always make the mistake
in the same place

drunk mouth ruined it again
sometimes i say the dumbest things
ah but baby it's not you specifically
it could be anybody
i gotta get this stuck in my head
now it's already over
before it's even started

Once I finish these I am gonna do five of my closest friends from Florida. Originally I was gonna make a book, but decided I would rather give the drawings to people. Jonny, Kristen, Bailey, Katie, & Adina will be getting drawings done for them. See you tomorrow with the last two of the South Carolina series.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekly Post 11-9

Here are some posters I made this week:
Typical anarchist bullshit that I believe in, but someone has to do it.

Machina Painting Update
I realize most people will hate the painting now that I have painted the skin, but it is my favorite part of my paintings on canvas. My skin isn't meant to look realist as much as it is suppose to look visceral and raw, kind of like a muscle diagram. I love her. Background is coming up next.



Skin and Body

Face Close up

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Post 10-26

This week I started the "Machina" painting. Here is the Canvas all gridded up, and then the prelim sketch of Machina all connected. I suck at drawing tables.


Machina in all her glory. I am gonna start with her hair, and then start the skin work. I am then gonna add the background. I have never done a none solid background for a paintings, so I am nervous/excited about working on it. My goal is to have the whole painting done before Thanksgiving, preferably a week or two before.

I have/am currently obsessed with birdskulls. Johnny Whitney's band Jaguar Love has a song called Antoine and Birdskull that is fantastic. So I have been drawing birdskulls in the hopes that I will create a short book based on the song, but like many thing it prolly won't be done, but here are some birdskull sketches I did. If I was gonna do a book, Birdskull would be a girl with a birdskull on her head.

Here is the first one I did. It is in my moleskin with the lyrics to the song all sprawled around it.

The second one I was gonna watercolor but couldn't find my watercolors so it got the pencil treatment. I will use it when I want to fully realize Birdskull, or for a Christmas gift cause I am thrifty like that.

Lyrics for anyone who is curious:
Antoine and Birdskull - Jaguar Love - Take Me to the Sea
Antoine and Birdskull grew up in an oak tree their voice wild squalls of sitars in heat jaguars in their hair champagne ocean out their window museums of strange dreams stretched out from here to Tokyo.
Antoine and Birdskull, Supernova's ignite from their skin's starlight you and I were always meant to be together you and I will live and we will die together.
Antoine and Birdskull's mother left when they were four sold everything she owned locked them behind the bathroom door.
now they roam the streets steal moans from lovers while they're sleeping harvest the crashing sounds of taxi's smashing into buildings
Supersonic rain won't stop
You and I are all we got parakettes are blazing blue.
You Know I'd kill a moon for you!
You gotta kill kill kill kill your friends!
You gotta kill kill kill kill for your friends!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Post 10-20

So I decided that I would just post my sketches and works that I finish once a week, instead of waiting til a work is done. That way you can see my thinking process and my actual artistic process if you so desire.

Most of these sketches are from a new painting I am in the process of working on for my friend's christmas/birthday/everything present. It is a two series painting the one I am working on now is called Machina, and the one that follows will be called Fauna. They basically are gonna deal with the ideas of fertility and sterility as seen by the ideas of nature vs human conquest of the environment through machines.

As you can see there is a lot of discussion about color and shades and shit. I am excited to actually get to work on the piece this week.

Here is a random drawing that got turned into a random painting. Yes the painting is finished.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mega Post!

Here are a shit ton of posters I have made:

"I Would Kill The Moon For You"







Kayla Jane

I Wanna Rub The Geometry Off Your Face



Chest piece I drew for Jill:

Plant Zombie Aoki:

Wheatpastin magik?

Tom Gabel Shirt:

Parody of this:

There Will Be Blood Stencil:

New Painting

"Ferme Le Bouche or Death will shut all mouths"

Here are some progress photos:

The painting is basically playing on the ideas of death, speech, and decomposition. I will let you decide the rest.