Sunday, August 24, 2008

"When I wake up all I see are fucking cupcakes"

This new painting is for my boss. It is a girl laying on a bed, with cupcakes floating in the air. The story behind the painting is when i was goin out with this girl I called her Cupcake, and one night when we were sleeping I had this dream. In the dream I was stabbing like 14 different Cupcakes, and instead of bleeding blood she bled cupcake filling. Then I woke up and all I saw was cupackes floating in the air with cherries intermittently between them. Then I woke up again. So I finally decided to turn it into a painting. I couldn't paint it obviously when I went out with her cause that would be weird, and not quite right on my part since I always give the girlfriend first dibs on any painting I complete. So that is over and we don't talk so I could finally make this fantastic painting. I obviously switched myself with a girl because I hate drawing myself. The girl is another God's Girl named Harlequin, if you haven't checked out God's Girls and you are an artist that uses girl models do so, because it is a fantastic reference. Okay enough with the talking. My next two paintings are for Courtcourt and Thomas, and are actually a series of Agyness Deyn portraits. Those will be posted next time we speak! Quick side story: In Dali's novel the "Secret life of Salvadore Dali" he told a story of a time he and Gala were standing on a cliff and how he wanted to throw her off. When he told her this she said "Go ahead and do it" I wonder if me wanting to kill a lover is just as crazy as that, but Dali was a known liar.


Close up of tat

Inked and Cupcaked

Halfway there

Blue period

Finished - The sides are permanant Rose for those who care

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Such Uncompromising Positions

Here is the new painting. It is a very very late birthday gift for someone who I have made four birthday gifts for that I was unhappy with. The painting is based on a song by the blood brothers called "Jennifer"
~her heart throbs....her heart throbs three hundred and 40 beats per minute..those slit throat confessions...licked by my flames..of persuasion.. the shaving of bone......the lingering taste of enamel..the negatives...jennifer...such uncompromising positions..the negatives..jennifer...such uncomprimising...I said " you dont need a doctor ..honey you needa mortician because I dont want your money and I dont want your favors..this aint no blackmail this is for amusement" I said "you dont need a doctor you need a mortician" dont shady pasts make for interesting broadcasts? and human error is never an acceptible answer you dont need anyone to mourn for,...jennifer~

So basically it is about a girl who is caught doing something and someone is getting amusement
out of torturing her. The model is a God's Girl named Aoki, and the poloroids are either old or taken at Wal-Mart the other night.
Here's the song if you have never heard it before (this song was when they were a hardcore band and not the softer dancier blood brothers everyone knows).





Monday, August 4, 2008

drawings and stuff

I completed a few drawings today. Just a bit of practice stuff but still fun. They are people I know with out their faces doing something they love. I hope they know who they are. Jaguar Love's cd has leaked apparently which is awesome but I think I may wait til I get my copy. Coming up by Thursday, new orchid shirt - it has a girl named Anais looking like a paint by numbers since I couldn't find a good picture of Anais Nin, it was gonna be a reference to the song Anais Nin by Numbers, and maybe a finished anchor painting. I had to regesso the canvas because I hated the argyle a lot. Here are some images.

Badly drawn Derek. Really I was trying to see how awful you can draw hands before they no longer look like hands

Burrito eating Cupcake

Vintage Collage