Sunday, March 2, 2008

I thought I could find you

So things have been crazy. Not so much art this post. I am gonna show you the new painting I worked on. It is not really a painting. I mean there is black and red paint, but it is mostly crayon. I learned an important lesson. Never try to use crayons on ungesso'd canvas.

Detail - Upper

Detail - Lower

Drawing I did for Greatest Pinball on Earth. No Clue if they will like it. I love it thought cause it has a Narwhale and a fucking anime bird.

In Art news. I am goin to have an art contest starting today. The prize is yet to be determined but will probably be an original piece or a gift certificate. The theme is "Angels and Amputees". You poster must be no larger than 16 x 20 and no smaller than 11 x 14. The medium has to be marker, crayon, pen, and/or pencil. Collage is allowed. Due date is 4/3/08. Winner will be announced by 4/8/08. I am judging but I am gonna show you guys the poster I am making for the contest. I can't win. Good luck to all who enter. Email your entry or questions to:

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Kristen said...

The experience you had with crayons reminds me of past mistakes I have made with art materials. The other day I drew on one of my paintings with pastel of two medical hearts on the chests of some strange women and soon realized that with it being on top of paint would smudge and soon be a total mess of red atop their outfits. It looked oh-so-cool when I drew it, but now it is starting to leak red powder all over my art room. It's like I went mad with pixie sticks in here. Why can't all art materials get along together is perfect harmony? Darn it all.