Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Virgin Mary Painting - Virgin Mary is impregnated by God through a ray of light. The corpses around her can symbolize a lot of things including the fact that the Union has cause countless deaths over the centuries. The printing press wheels and gears are to recommend that the whole thing is a well oiled machine. I am pretty happy with the way the rocks turned out.

The next piece is based on the Terrordactyls' song "Facelift". I did it in a traditional portrait style with a solid background. The body is shifted to the left side of the wood, because I wanted to put her there. There is heavy amounts of impasto in her skin and hair. This is the first painting that I have done start to finish in one day.

Here are some sketches:


Body Sketches in preparation for my next painting:

That being said my next painting is going to be the largest one I have ever done. It is also gonna be the first painting that I am doing for myself to keep (I have never kept any of my own paintings.) I am excited about it, and you will probably see tons of prelim sketches and studies here.

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heart of the matter said...

i like the virgin mary painting!