Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Post 10-20

So I decided that I would just post my sketches and works that I finish once a week, instead of waiting til a work is done. That way you can see my thinking process and my actual artistic process if you so desire.

Most of these sketches are from a new painting I am in the process of working on for my friend's christmas/birthday/everything present. It is a two series painting the one I am working on now is called Machina, and the one that follows will be called Fauna. They basically are gonna deal with the ideas of fertility and sterility as seen by the ideas of nature vs human conquest of the environment through machines.

As you can see there is a lot of discussion about color and shades and shit. I am excited to actually get to work on the piece this week.

Here is a random drawing that got turned into a random painting. Yes the painting is finished.


jonny said...

nice, have you thought of doing an umbilical cord?

Holly The Terrible said...

I'm excited about this one

Holly The Terrible said...

A book you may be interested in Walter (if you haven't already discovered it) is the new Taschen book "Eric Stanton: The Dominant Wives and Other Stories".