Monday, October 13, 2008

Mega Post!

Here are a shit ton of posters I have made:

"I Would Kill The Moon For You"







Kayla Jane

I Wanna Rub The Geometry Off Your Face



Chest piece I drew for Jill:

Plant Zombie Aoki:

Wheatpastin magik?

Tom Gabel Shirt:

Parody of this:

There Will Be Blood Stencil:

New Painting

"Ferme Le Bouche or Death will shut all mouths"

Here are some progress photos:

The painting is basically playing on the ideas of death, speech, and decomposition. I will let you decide the rest.


Kristen said...

I recognize some art that I made in one of those pictures. I love the new experimenting with geometric shapes bit. It adds a whole new meaning to models and their death blank stares they give sometimes.

Holly The Terrible said...

I am so in love with the last two paintings on this post. I have also been on a death theme as well.

Anonymous said...

Why that's a sketch of me I see. I'm pretty stoked on that at the moment. :)

Walt said...

^ Oh yours was my favorite. Ionno why but when I was drawing it I was like this one is my favorite. If you missed the post on GG when I am done with the poster if you want it I will send it to you.