Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Go Ask Alice

It has been a while, but I have had artist's block as well as trips to Florida and Galucheska visiting me so I haven't really had time to post anything new. I finally finished a piece though. It is called "Conflicted Alice". She is the accompaniment piece to the piece "Amputee Wonderland". The model is my best friend, because I can draw her better than I can most people. I also have a million reference pictures to work from too. The black lines are suppose to represent chaos and turmoil
, and also they help break up the pink. The only thing I am really dissatisfied with/learned from is the fact that A) wood is hard to erase off of, and B) Grids are great, but erase them before you start to paint. They aren't noticeable from far away but up close I can see them clear as day.

Full Thing - Notice the black border!

Detail - Apron - I put paint out of the tube directly onto the canvas to create the impasto

Detail - Face/Hair - I love her hair it turned out way better than usual

Detail - Feet - I fucked them up.

Next Up I am working on a painting for my friend Syd's birthday. I hope to have it finished by next friday.

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