Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sarah Bernhardt stole my heart

Sarah Bernhardt
Today's poster is a portrait of a friend in the mode of Alphonse Mucha. His muse was Sarah Bernhardt a very famous Belle Epoque actress. His posters were in a style he developed called Art Nouveau and it is quite the decorative style. I enjoyed doing this poster, but it took me a long time, and I am kind of upset with how the yellow of the sun came out. All in all though, it is a success.

Amputee Wonderland
Here is a painting I did for my friend Kristen on wood. It is a bunch of bodies all thrown together missing heads and various other limbs. It is one of two wood paintings I am doing for her. The other one is of an amputated Alice for my amputee wonderland. She will love it. I love how the woodgrain looks as skin against the horrendously bright pink of the background. This was all planned but I didn't expect it to work so well.

Poster Contest
The "Angel and Amputees" due date is almost here, but I am pushing it back until the 10th since I will be out of town until then. I will be posting an example, which will also serve as the prize for the contest. Everyone who reads should submit one, even if they can't draw because I want the contest to be fun. Email your entry to believesinpatterns@gmail.com.


Kristen said...

Yay! More art for my wall! I always need more Walter originals so that when I have guests over they can admire his genius and then quickly leave. Which works since I consider myself a hermit in nature. Thanks Sir Walter.

Kristen said...

I have your paintings in my living room and always show them off to guests. most of my guests seem a bit disturbed by them or they just don't get it. so i don't invite those guests back cuz they just aren't cool.