Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fuck it or fight it. Its all the same.

These will be the last sketches I post on here for a while. I am sure you guys are getting sick of them.

Notes on the Facelift painting

There are three people I have trouble getting anywhere near close to drawing their face right. The hardest is the one person I need to know how to draw for the painting I wanna do for my favorite South Carolina girl for here birthday. It is a ways away, but I will not paint it I don't have her face near perfect. I have been drawing her every day for three months. Today's will be the only ones you guys will see, because the other ones are awful. These aren't too much better. Her eyes play games with my head.

Original Idea

Face one

Face Two

Two more weeks and I will figure out where I am going wrong. I just hate the fact that I can't draw certain people.

Random Sketches

I'll post some more when I finish my virgin mary painting. Maybe.

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