Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I need someone a person to talk too, Someone who cares and loves, could it be you?

Virgin Mary progress - Printing press wheels, heart, blue and red gown done.

It pisses me off more than anything when I can't draw people.
"Fuck, I can't draw her"
I also erased her like 100 times before I just quit.

Here are some sketches for the next painting I want to do. It is roughly based on this song. Download and listen it is fantastic.
Terrordactyls - Facelift
Here are some prelim sketches. Which mouth do you like? The pen drawings and the pencil drawings have different style mouths.

Mouth 1

Mouth 2


Holly The Terrible said...

I like the pencil drawing mouths near the bottom for they show lips. The line mouths look to happy. The mouth slightly parted is always great also.

Walt said...

Yea. That is what most people are saying. The first one was just what I originally saw when I listened to the song. The second ones are when I actually visualized it out.

Holly The Terrible said...

I think your portraits are getting better and that you are improving with the realism aspect to certain features of the face and body. I really like how you can create intense emotion in the look of the eyes of some of the women you were drawing from an earlier post on faces in your sketchbook. Is it easier for you to just do portrait work in pencil or in paint mediums? I like how both come out and how they are very different styles mostly do to the fact that your painting style is very thick and chunky. Like good peanut butter.

Walt said...

I have to draw everything out with pencil no matter what, but I can usually pick up more details in the face with paint because I usually mix the paint together as I am painting. That way it gets the chunky look and a variety of colors, and not the three color method I was using earlier (Highlight color, Medium color, Shade Color). The problem I have with most of my recent work is I focus so much on the eyes that I usually misproportion the face.