Monday, August 4, 2008

drawings and stuff

I completed a few drawings today. Just a bit of practice stuff but still fun. They are people I know with out their faces doing something they love. I hope they know who they are. Jaguar Love's cd has leaked apparently which is awesome but I think I may wait til I get my copy. Coming up by Thursday, new orchid shirt - it has a girl named Anais looking like a paint by numbers since I couldn't find a good picture of Anais Nin, it was gonna be a reference to the song Anais Nin by Numbers, and maybe a finished anchor painting. I had to regesso the canvas because I hated the argyle a lot. Here are some images.

Badly drawn Derek. Really I was trying to see how awful you can draw hands before they no longer look like hands

Burrito eating Cupcake

Vintage Collage

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