Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Such Uncompromising Positions

Here is the new painting. It is a very very late birthday gift for someone who I have made four birthday gifts for that I was unhappy with. The painting is based on a song by the blood brothers called "Jennifer"
~her heart throbs....her heart throbs three hundred and 40 beats per minute..those slit throat confessions...licked by my flames..of persuasion.. the shaving of bone......the lingering taste of enamel..the negatives...jennifer...such uncompromising positions..the negatives..jennifer...such uncomprimising...I said " you dont need a doctor ..honey you needa mortician because I dont want your money and I dont want your favors..this aint no blackmail this is for amusement" I said "you dont need a doctor you need a mortician" dont shady pasts make for interesting broadcasts? and human error is never an acceptible answer you dont need anyone to mourn for,...jennifer~

So basically it is about a girl who is caught doing something and someone is getting amusement
out of torturing her. The model is a God's Girl named Aoki, and the poloroids are either old or taken at Wal-Mart the other night.
Here's the song if you have never heard it before (this song was when they were a hardcore band and not the softer dancier blood brothers everyone knows).





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Kristen said...

Your line work is great on this one. It looks like you are getting more comfortable with doing portraits.